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Business philosophy: customer-centric, the pursuit of quality to the highest point, the pursuit of maximum efficiency.

Customer centered: every employee and every work of an enterprise must be centered around "customer, serving customers". Customers include external customers and internal customers. Establish the concept of customers and cooperation between the upper and lower levels, processes, workers and teams, integrate service and being served, and create a service atmosphere for everyone, everyone for the enterprise and the society.

The pursuit of maximum efficiency: continuous technological innovation, product innovation; Optimize production and working environment; Perfect scientific management; Opening up new markets and fields; To reduce the cost, we should start from me, from the post work, from saving a drop of water and a piece of paper. We should unify our thinking, set up our goals, work hard, give full play to our talents and fulfill our duties.

With creative working methods and solid working style, we should fully mobilize all the positive factors that can be mobilized, maximize the utilization rate of resources, and pursue the maximization of benefits. While realizing its own value, we should constantly create social value.

After sales service commitment

In order to establish the supervision mechanism of product quality and service, ensure the effective use of products in the demander, provide excellent products and high-quality services for customers, and do a good job in after-sales service is our unshirkable obligation. The use and maintenance of all products, quality tracking service is our unshirkable responsibility.

1. Our products have obtained the production license, CCC certification and ISO9001:2000 quality system certification issued by the Ministry of Commerce, and are all underwritten by the people's Insurance Company of China.

2. The warranty period of the product is one year after the equipment is put into operation.

3. For the quality problems in the operation site, we should first deal with the problems and then distinguish the responsibilities, so that the users can get satisfactory service. In case of any damage caused by design and manufacturing defects during the warranty period. Our company implements quality "Three Guarantees" (repair, replacement and return). Always in the spirit of "customer satisfaction and pride!" Our service tenet.

4. Under the condition of correct installation and use, the company will be responsible for all kinds of quality problems after the product is put into operation. If it is the product quality problem of the company, the company will replace and repair it free of charge.

. After the warranty period, customers' requirements for spare parts can be met with favorable prices.

6. To provide users with permanent consulting services, answer all questions.

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