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The China Hong Qi Group is a no-district group company, which owns 18 subsidiary companies, more than 20 holding companies, more than 300 sale companies. Group covers 260,000 square meters.Company has 2100 employees, the total property amounts to 720,000,000 RMB. Professionally produces the HV&LV electric wire and cable, flameproof & blastproof cable used in coal mine, power transformer, flameproof & blastproof transformer, HV&LV complete sets of equipment and transmission & distribution transformer, cable used in ship. WEN ZHOU transformer manufacture & ZHE NAN special kind transformer manufacture which belong to the Hong Qi group subsidiary company through the system reforming in 2004 is the biggest state-owned transformer enterprise in WEN ZHOU city .Now named Hong Qi Group WEN ZHOU transformer Co.,ltd. Company was designated as the professional factory of low-loss power transformer and special kind transformer by nation power industry ministry.

The company which has more than 40 years production histories was established in 1960. It has abundant design & manufacture experience and complete technical &testing means, equipping with the figure controlling turning punch, figure controlling folding machine, figure controlling shearing trigger, figure controlling production line of silicon steel and rolling iron core, large winding string machine, vacuum dry jar controlled by computer, spacious standard examination lab and so on modernization equipments. There predominant product all were selected in the《The two power nets construction and reformation recommended manufacture catalogue 》.Company pursues the R&D and manufacture for city and country net equipment. Main products covers the kinds of high capability oil immersed type transformer, resin casting dry type power transformer, protecting environment type dry transformer,anti-electricity machine, cabinet type transformer substation, transformer used in mineral, transformer used in ship, control transformer, special kind transformer etc. Among them, the annual production ability of oil immersed type transformer attains 3,000,000 KVA, the insulation dry type transformer(DDT)attains 1,500,000 KVA, the environment protecting type H-insulation unclosed DDT attains 1,500,000 KVA, the anti-electricity dry machine attain 1,000,000 KVA,which occupy the certain quota at home and abroad market, is one of the biggest manufacturer at whole country.

In the dog-eat-dog market, company momently takes the quantity as brand, regards market its predominance, targets at customer satisfactory, company sincerely expects establishing the one class of international standard transmission & distribution R&D and manufacturing base with domestic and overseas relational people.

With first class products and state-of-the-art service, Company tries its utmost to serve all clients sincerely.

Workshop——Write a better chapter for tomorrow
In many years, the support of all walks of life and our customers has always been with us, and we have witnessed the growth of our market for many years. We are always grateful for the understanding and trust from all walks of life and our customers. This also gives us enough motivation to write a better chapter of tomorrow in the long years to come.
Elaborate manufacture——science and technology promote people's concept
In the face of the opportunities provided by the rapid economic development, we always believe that the pursuit of product quality and value services to obtain greater customer satisfaction, so as to realize the value of the enterprise! On the other hand, we firmly believe that science and technology promote the common progress of human concept and mechanical efficiency. Avoiding the disadvantage of industry development and seeking the best combination of machinery manufacturing and human civilization are our eternal power.
Strict Control——Strong Support For Rapid Development
"Quality is the life of the enterprise", the company's staff always adhere to this purpose, the whole production process is controlled by ISO9001 product quality assurance system, so that each product material selection, processing, production, scheduling, have been strictly tested, the pursuit of product factory compliance rate of 100%. In the aspect of quality, automatic and professional testing methods are realized to meet the rapid development of product technology.
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